Carter, David  

Architectural Engineering


3 evaluations

ARCE 221

Required (Major)
Nov 2008
Carter requires a lot of his students and the lecture moves at a VERY fast pace. If you don't like to be challenged then I wouldn't recommend him. He does tell a lot of stories about his engineering experience but if you have him for lecture you will be thankful he takes a break from the lecture for a minute to give you a rest from the notetaking. The exams were waaaay too long to finish but he does that on purpose. He weighs the final exam heavily so get a good grade there and you're all set.

ARCE 316

Required (Support)
Jan 2006
J.A.C.K.A.S.S! Carter is a fucking JACKASS! DO NOT TAKE THIS PROFESSSOR FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. Carter has no idea how to teach anyone, i would've learned more if a chimp was teaching me the material. He is a local Structual Engineer who has designed a few structures in town...and he will tell you that...over and over and over and over again until you want to shoot yourself. He does nothing but tell you about these past projects and how he was the genius that managed to avoid some catastrophy, and how CM's, Architects, and anyone except for him is incompetent. He assigns you homework that has nothing to do with the class and is more or less review of ARCE 212 and 226. In addition to that, he doesnt even really know what he's asking for in the homework. If i had a nickel for everytime he asked a question that had more then one absolutly correct answer(confirmed by other ARCE professors when i showed it to them), but decides to mark you off because it wasn't what he would have done, I would take that money and give it to the ARCE department to hire a professor that did more than just run is damn mouth.

WGS 711

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
During this entire quarter all I could think about was how this professor reminded me of that small little dog that runs through the back of scene 23 in The Incredibles by Pixar. Seriously, if you look it up you will only be able to see it...