Buckshi, Kristen  

Food Science and Nutrition


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FSN 210

General Ed
Dec 2005
For being a GE, I really enjoyed this class. The lectures are interesting, although sometimes she teaches at you and not to you. When it comes to the chemistry part of the class, I felt like there wasn't too much explanation for those of us in the class who had never had a chem class before. Either way, she is a great teacher, she is extremely willing to help you and she is a really nice person as well. The tests aren't too difficult, and the quizzes are easy (she drops your lowest quiz grade at the end of the quarter). I definitely recommend her as a teacher!

General Ed
Mar 2006
Buckshi was super knowledgable about the material. She is a new professor; so she is still excited about teaching and answering questionsn (she isn't disgruntled or cranky yet). No reading, therefore the book is not needed. All materials given in powerpoint presentation style lectures (which she has copies of on blackboard where you simply fill in a few blanks) so notes are minimal. Plus she is pretty hot, so I didn't mind staring at her for a few hours a week.

FSN 843

5th Year Senior
General Ed
Nov 2016
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