Dwyer, Nancy  

Psychology and Human Development


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CD 209

Required (Support)
Feb 2009
DO NOT TAKE THIS TEACHER! She was by far the worst professor I've taken at Cal Poly. She knew nothing about the material. When someone asked her a yes/no question about the material, she would answer "sure." She was completely unclear about her grading style. In the middle of the quarter she stopped taking role, telling us that she wanted to treat us like adults. THEN, on the last day of class, she asked us to write down how many times we missed class. Without clarifying how many absences you could have, if you missed more than 3 classes you gave you 0 on attendance, worth 5% of your grade! Absolutely ridiculous! She's a nice person but she's just not cut out to be a college professor.

Required (Major)
Mar 2009
She is a nice lady, but not an adequate college professor. It was clear she didn't know the material and if my classmates or I had any questions she mostly told us to look it up. I felt I knew more than she did, and I don't think she payed much attention to our assignments. I would not take this professor if you have a choice, but its not the worse case senario, you will just be teaching yourself.

CD 311

Required (Major)
Nov 2005
Even though I 'earned an A in this class' it was an extremely disappointing experience. If we had a question she wouldn't even try to help us and would just leave a note for Bob, the other instructor that taught the class. She probabaly never even looked at our projects and definately had her favorites. Most of the time we were teaching her how to use the technology!!! The last quarter of the class she didn't even know how to play half the dulcimer songs, but expected us to play them. Take Bob if you can, and I hope that she never becomes a tenured professor because she is not qualified to teach the technical part of the class. If you can't take Bob at least go to his office hours and have him help you with the music and technology.

AG 809

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.