Burt, Ann  



3 evaluations

ARCH 207

Required (Major)
Jul 2005
Wow. Ann is very unorganized, unprofessional, unknowledgable, and one hell of an easy grader! If you want to learn anything, avoid her, but if youre in for an A..... Ann's good for that. She answered the same question differently 5 minutes later because she actually doesnt understand the information herself and tries to blame other people. But, the good news if you get stuck with her, not too much work for a good grade.

MCRO 283

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.

ARCH 307

Required (Major)
Mar 2005
Ann Burt is another teacher in a long line of truly average teachers. She completely missed the first class, as she thought it was at a different time. From that point on, she consistently showed up twenty to thirty minutes late. Since she has some practice experience, she makes up her own assignments (which were sometimes more than could be completed in two class periods). On the plus sider, she is a fairly easy grader. She can be nice, and is somewhat understanding of the difficulties of the class.