Alexander, Charlotte  



5 evaluations

LS 123

Mar 2005
the guy is a funny as ronald mcdonald

JOUR 312

Dec 2004
Seriously, this woman should not be teaching. I guess she knows about public relations, but you will seriously get stupid listening to her lecture. She takes roll, which is the only reason people go. Most of us do the crosswords or work from other classes. The tests are actually pretty hard, but the simple papers boost your points. Okay, it takes her about two weeks to get a scantron test back to you. Also, she constantly claimed she would have our papers graded by a certain day, and would give them back literally 3 weeks later without saying anything. We never got papers back that we turned in BEFORE THE MIDTERM. It was so frustrating. Don't take her, please.

Required (Support)
Nov 2005
Not a good teacher at all, but this is all that needs to be said - TAKE THIS CLASS because it is soooooo fuckin easy and you learn nothing about Public Relations (who wants to). Sometimes you wonder if you are really at an actual University taking this class, but when you walk out with an A at the end of the quarter you'll say it was worth it to sit through for 10 weeks. She is definitely strange, but if you go up and talk to her she is actually really nice. As far as learning anything, yeah thats not going to happen, but its worth an A

Required (Major)
Dec 2005
Wow, of all the classes I have had in the major, this class is truly the total joke. Charlotte stopped teaching after the fifth week of class and assigned group projects (which lasted the full class time) that ran to the very last day of class. She brakes down the grades into three categories: participation, group presentation, and final. She grades entirely on attendance and the group project--our final was a take home. Don't get me wrong, I can't complete about getting an easy A, but if you don't have to take a class that runs from 5:40-7pm on Tuesday's and Thursdays, don't.

ARCE 716

Graduate Student
General Ed
Nov 2016
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