Clark, Russell  

Military Science


4 evaluations

MSC 103

Oct 2004
Major Clark is a great instructor. I just want to warn you to do the reading. I got a B instead of an A because of two quizes that i wasn't prepared for. Of course attendance is key.

SPAN 350

5th Year Senior
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
he sure does like his women, wet!!

MSC 401

Required (Support)
Jan 2005
It's difficult to take this guy seriously. He laughs. He yells. He laughs. He yells. He cries. Avoid this instructor at all cost. He does not take the class seriously, he jokes all the time (even through the final) but does not joke around when you are getting a 4896.

Graduate Student
Required (Support)
Mar 2006
Major Clark doesn't teach the class well. This is dissapointing because I know that he has the experience to spread some wisdom to the future leaders of America. But, he wastes class time. You don't understand how he'll hand out your grade. It is as if he feels a need to abuse his power trip, so he'll give you an undesirable grade for no reason.