Craig, Robert  

Civil and Environmental Engineering


2 evaluations

CE 205

Required (Major)
Aug 2001
Dr. Craig is an average instructor but he has a very "nuts and bolts" attitude towards CE 205, so he teaches just what you need to know. There is homework every week, ranging from 3-8 problems and a quiz every Monday. The quiz is open notes, open book and most of the time comes from the last weeks homework. Sometimes he'll ask for answers from your homework on the quiz. No tests, only a cummulative final that mostly comes from the quizzes. It is also open book, open notes. The final is on the SATURDAY preceding finals week at 8am. It's not as bad as it sounds, it's one less final you have to take during finals weeks. He speaks good english and is easy to understand.

IME 601

Graduate Student
Nov 2016
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