Cotton, John  



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ARCH 250

Required (Support)
Nov 1999
This class has been one of my biggest disappointments in my college career. The teacher has a very poor method of grading that makes you wonder if he even cares if you learn anything. If I did not know as much about computers as I did, I would have not passed this course. It seems that if anything goes wrong with the computers the only thing that can be done is to just shut it off and start over, "that's just the way it is." During the course I found it totally unnecessary to go to lecture. All he would do is present a powerpoint lecture that you could download word for word at home or at the library. ***This is not teaching, this is babysitting, by an impatient, sometimes bitter person.*** I wish that there was someone I could recommend but he is the only one that teaches this course, just consider yourselves fore-warned. Sit up front or you won't hear a word of the lecture(if you decide to keep going to lecture), he does not accomodate if you sit in the back, make friends fast with who ever seems to know the most about computers in the class. They may be the only person you can go to if you have a question. It's strange because it seems as though deep down inside Mr. Cotton can be a really nice understanding person, who may even know how to teach, he just seems to have either given up or gotten tired of the whole thing. It is very dissappointing especially in a required course where he is the only teacher.

ARCH 260

Required (Major)
Jul 1999
John Cotton is easy to get along with and reasonable. Make sure you establish a clear line of communication with this instructor cause he's often busy working on the network.

PHYS 862

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.