Getchel, David  

Materials Engineering


3 evaluations

MATE 215

Required (Major)
Mar 2004
Dave is a good guy, but he's not a good teacher. He tries to make the stuff interesting, and always has a good attitude but it's really not that crazy of material. There are a few of the labs that plain suck, but if you split up the work amongst your team it's not to bad. There isn't a final (we were told that last year's classes had all complained that it was pointless so they dropped it) or any quizzes. And the only outside work was to print out the lab assingments and take a quick 10 point quiz on them before you went to class. Dave will try to make you figure out answers to questions you're not going to be able to figure out, so your best bet is to ask the group who did the lab the week before. He grades a bit tough on the labs so make sure you get everything you need in there. Hopefully the department listens to what we said this year and drops the additional worksheets he handed out for each lab. Not a bad guy to take it with, just don't expect to learn to much.

Aug 2004
This guy is awesome. He knows his stuff and is easy to talk to. If you miss a pre-lab quiz, he'll let you make it up with a little convincing. His lab test was perfectly fair and easy. The lab is always a bit long though. I've stayed too many times a half hour to hour extra to finish up a three hour lab.

GEOL 621

General Ed
Nov 2016
Taking this instructor is like being in a Twilight Zone episode. You just can