Anderson, Katie  

Civil and Environmental Engineering


2 evaluations

ENVE 331

Required (Support)
Mar 2000
Katie is an outstanding lecturer. It is very obvious that she knows her stuff. 30% of our grade was for homework so, if you put in a little effort it is very easy to get a decent grade. I do not believe that anyone in our class that showed up on a regular basis and put out a minimal effort got any less than a C. Her exams are a little out of control. If you ever have had Locassio for an ME class it is about the same thing. She lays everyone to waste then scales it from there. The topper is that she's pretty fine for an Engr. instructor. So even if what she is talking about is not what your cup of tea, you can still pass the time imagining what she would look like in a French maid outfit (mmmmmmm flashback). You can't get that with Pal.

IME 589

Required (Major)
Nov 2016
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