Acosta, Kellie  

Biological Sciences


5 evaluations

BIO 111

Aug 2005
Kelly is so smart and presents the material better than any lab teacher I've ever had

BIO 115

General Ed
Dec 2003
Ms. Acosta is this really young, sweet prof who I think is pretty new to teaching. She tends to talk a little too fast when there's a lot of info to cover just because of time, and she's not always really clear about what she's talking about. I think she does know her stuff though, and that she'll get clearer as she gains experience teaching. She's still a lot easier of a teacher to get for a lab than what I've heard about the other lab teachers for Bio 115. She also emails you to remind you which lab assignment we are covering next, and what we will need to be prepared for come next lab class. That is EXTREMELY helpful, since you're also trying to keep track of what you need to be ready for for lecture as well. Take this prof.

BIO 153

Required (Major)
Nov 2004
Kellie Acosta is the GREATEST lab instructor I've ever had for any lab class!!! She is well prepared before class starts so it makes it easy for a smooth flowing lab. There is a quiz everyday based 80% on material covered from the previous lab and 20% from the lab the day of the quiz. Other instructors do not do this, but having a friend in the lab next to mine, these quizes really get you to pre-read and understand your labs both before and after the quizes. The quizes will help you in the end for the 3 midterms. Kellie can recognize when students are struggling with a certain area and will explain it and if it happens to be something that she may question, she will find out and get back to the class so they can understand it. She is very, very approachable when it comes to extra help and comprehension of the material so do go and see her during her office hours. Kellie extremely loves biology and gets really excited to teach the class all the fascinating things that biology involves. She likes to see her students get excited like she does. Before midterms, she gives extra review questions to help you, where as other instructors do not. When we got our first midterms back, she had the highest class average out of ALL the 151 lab instructors. She really cares about the students comprehending the materil and not just regurgitating facts. If you have any choice in lab instructors for the 151 (which by fall 2005 will be cominbed with the present 153, so I do not know if she will still be teaching), YES I RECOMMEND TAKING KELLIE FOR LAB!!!

BIO 317

Mar 2008
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CHEM 480

5th Year Senior
Required (Support)
Nov 2016
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