gawthrop, william  



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GEOL 205

General Ed
Nov 2003
Bill was an awesome teacher. he's like a millionaire that sold his business and teaches during winters only because the sun isn't out in cali and he can't do his extreme sports. i pretty much failed both midterms and went into the final with a saf looking D and he gave me a C in the class. he really wants people to pass and gives extra credit. basically..if you talk to him he'll give you a passing grade cuz it shows you are trying. lectures are a bit boring cuz he doesn't give a break in the 2 hrs. and the lab was a bunch of videos about natural disasters. homework was really easy..and there were maybe 3 assignments that you could do the second before class. take him

PHIL 386

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Prof cried today.... What a weirdo hahahah get a grip of your life.