Curto, Michael  

Biological Sciences


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DANC 254

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.

BOT 313

Required (Major)
May 2003
Curto is a great teacher, He really knows his stuff and will spend all the time you need so that it is clear to you. He is totally laid back and makes the class much less stressful. I would recomend taking him for any class, but especially plant tax!! He is perhaps the best teacher I have had (possible exception being Villablanca)

Required (Major)
Jun 2003
Mike is a great teacher who understands just how fucking boring and lame this class is. He would always rip on taxonomy and the nerds obessed with it. Never in my life have i taken a class that i hated so much (I'm a Bio major and this class was completley pointless). The whole quarter, I had no idea what to study for except when Mr. Curto would tell us before each midterm. The class is broken down into 3 lecture midterms (50 pts each) and a lab midterm (100 pts.) The only way I passed this class with a grade higher than a D was because of the optional plant collection assignment worth 50 pts. Unfortunatley, this project will consist of endless hours squashing plants in a press, flipping through the Jepson Manual keying ridiculously large families and squashing insects that you find your specimens covered in. Nevertheless, don't let the futility and lameness of the class give you the wrong impression of Curto: He's very approchable and will answer whatever questions you may have regarding your collection project. Anyway, if you enjoy memorizing how many corolla lobes one family of plant has and the number of fused stamens in another, take this class.