Diamond, Beth  

Landscape Architecture


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WS 108

Graduate Student
Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.

LA 310

Required (Major)
Jul 2003
Beth is a great person, but the computers class is very useless and really not worth the time to go. Its a 2 unit class so you can't expect to put a lot of effort into it. I have no idea why i got a C. The basic pretense of the class is to learn about a few programs and play with them and then turn in your experiments. Thats what I did and I still got a C. I don't know what she wanted but frankly I didn't really give a shit anymore. If you want to learn those programs this class won't really teach you more than the obvious basics. You'll have to teach yourself. Photoshop and Illustrator are probably the most useful.

LA 452

Required (Major)
Apr 2003
This was my Design Studio in 4th year. Beth gave me a C+ in this class while others who put in less time and thought into their projects got better grades than I. Sure I know I am not the greatest designer ever, but teachers are supposed to see through things like completely bullshitting an entire presentation to a project that was done the night before. She seems to communicate well with students that get on her good side right away, and for those who don't....I'm sorry. She also likes to rip on a lots of other people/designers, but does the same things herself that she complains about. If you can avoid having her from studio...then do so. If you need to take her for Theory of LA, then do so because she taught well in that class.

Required (Major)
Jul 2004
Okay here's the deal with Beth...she lets her feelings and opinions interfere with her teaching. That's evident in her Theory class as well as History and also in the studio. She teaches her opinions and if you disagree, well your just wrong. She has one view of what a Landscape Architect should be and if you don't aspire to be this Theoretical LA than she disregards you altogether. If she thinks you don't like her she gets her feelings hurt and your grade WILL reflect. I'd suggest getting on her good side. This isn't to say you won't get anything out of her class, but she teaches her THEORIES and they're just that...theories. If you're a more practical designer, than I wouldn't take Beth.