Cichowski, Ann  

Psychology and Human Development


3 evaluations

CD 209

Required (Support)
Nov 1999
I'll give you this much, Ann is a nice person, and a super easy grader, but she does not know how to teach. She does not know the material and often times will look up answers in the book, or ask other students to answer the question. Her outlines are useless, and actually, her entire class is. I often wonder is she is just teaching because of her husband, does she even have a Ph.D? She can't even spell or use the right grammer! Just read the book and do not go to class unless it is a test. You will not learn jack crap.

CD 350

Aug 2001
The class can drag on at times, though it is full of information and Cichowski is very well informed about the different topics and areas. The teacher is very willing to help and is a flexible grader.

BUS 966

5th Year Senior
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
What the guy/gal below said. Amen. I too took this class and have long since graduated from Poly, but I was cruising Poly Ratings for a kick and thought that I should pipe in and let you know how much of a joke this prof is.