Bonner, Larry  



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FNR 201

Required (Support)
Jan 2003
I am an A and B student and this is one of the WORST teachers I have ever had. He is a perfectly nice man if you are looking for a good conversation about surfing, but he is a terrible, terrible teacher. During class he puts every part of his typed out lecture on the overhead (minus the parts that he wants you to fill in and that WILL be on the exams) and then stands there and reads it too you from his own paper. Not only does he read the notes too quickly to write down, but he throws in more information, some relevant and some about his hiking experiences with his buddies, so that you must discern what is actually important and not, while trying to keep up. When he is asked how to study for quizzes (which are worth 10% of your grade, but only 15 questions), he repsonds with, "Well, pretty much anything ever said in class, or written in the book, or written on my lecture paper that I read to you in class is FAIR GAME." Basically, I have gotten NOTHING out of being in his class. I feel that a robot could do the EXACT same job he is doing. Maybe better. Maybe a robot would be more patient. Or interesting. Or helpful. He also has three jobs including teaching, so always seems rushed and not serious at all about the class. He also does not know what he is teaching. When I called once to ask about a test, he could not remember what the Acts were that were passed that he taught us about. Anyway, he is not helpful in anyway, does not let you know what is expected from you, and does not know what he is teaching.

Required (Support)
Jun 2003
Bonner really isn't too bad of a guy. He brings an interesting real world application to the forestry class because he is an environmental impact evaluator for Cal-Trans and has stories that relate to the coursework. His lectures can be kind of boring sometimes because all he really does is go through and tell you what the blanks are in the course syllabus/note book and explain what they are. Some of the stuff is interesting though. He also does a campus tree walk and a poly canyon field trip. He gives occasional pop quizes which were pretty easy, just sit through the classes and you'll do fine. He is an easy going professor but he does grade a bit tough, not too bad though. Do well on the 7-10 page research paper (which isn't too bad) and you should be fine.

VGSC 487

General Ed
Nov 2016
During this entire quarter all I could think about was how this professor reminded me of that small little dog that runs through the back of scene 23 in The Incredibles by Pixar. Seriously, if you look it up you will only be able to see it...