Amido, Jeannie  



4 evaluations

ENGL 114

General Ed
Feb 2001
This is your basic english teacher with a pretty mundane curriculum which can make it tough to show up for class. Most of the kids surprisingly had trouble gradewise. She loves you if you can write coming into class and you will be rewarded with A's. If you cannot write, she may be some help, but your grades will suffer. Up until the book you read at the end of the year, the textbook she has chosen (I won't be surprised if she changes it) is TERRIBLE. But anyway, try to get someone else if you hear they are easy, but overall she is pretty run-of-the-mill. She wants to be a great teacher though which I suppose counts for something.

ENGL 134

General Ed
Apr 2002
What I liked best about this class were the Conference Weeks. Three weeks out of the 10, we didn't have to go to the scheduled class at all, just meet with her privately for 20 minutes once that week. Yeah, it was cool getting to miss all that class, but what was better was that during the conference she was ready to help you on an individual basis to improve your writing skills. It was really helpful. We also discussed current events in class a lot and that made it a lot more interesting. The discussion was also a nice break from the usual lecture classes by giving students a chance to interact with each other and actively participate in the class. Amido makes an effort to make this class an enjoyalbe one, and it shows. : )

ENGL 148

General Ed
Jun 2002
Mrs. Amido is a great English teacher and really cares about her students. The class is made up of 1 big report worth half your grade and the other half are small documents that prepare you for the final report. She is very nice and helpful, but is a tough grader. During the last few weeks of the quarter she gives the class a lot of days off which is nice. She even brought us donuts one day. I definitely recommend this professor, especally for business majors because your learn how to write in a corporate setting.

CE 678

General Ed
Nov 2016
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