Allebe, Adrienne  

Art and Design


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ART 111

General Ed
May 2016
I took this class to complete my C3 requirement. BEWARE! This is not an art class but an art history & principles of design course. It's intended for non-art majors so it should be relatively easy for any majors. Allebe is a sweet lady and she totally understands that this class is a general ed and will not destroy your grade. The Required book for this course is outrageously expensive and in my honest opinion useless since she goes over all of the things that are to be tested. There are just a few questions that the book goes over though. One nice thing about this course is that on the midterms she gives the students an opportunity for extra credit that can boost your grade up by 5 points! That could easily boost your B+ to an A- or A. There is also a really fun art project that is worth as much as the midterms. Attendence is also key if you want an A since she has a sign in sheet and has random writing assignments. TLDR: Take her if you can come to class and have at least some free time to go over the material covered.

General Ed
Jun 2016
Professor Allebe is a new teacher here but has taught on other campuses prior. The entire class is a reflection of the book so essentially if you studied the book (in great detail because her tests are fairly thorough) then you will earn a decent grade in the class. She also takes attendance and has write ups at the end of some classes to be sure the students stay the full two hours. This is your typical GE lecture class that runs over the readings over and over again even though she assigns the readings as homework and you actually go through the entire book (25 Chapters) over the quarter. I will say that I learned a fair amount (again, because the tests are so thorough) but this class was actually fairly difficult for how irrelevant it is for the majority of students here.

General Ed
Jul 2016
Perfect amount of work for a GE

AGC 594

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
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