Carbonell, Irene  

Industrial Technology


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IT 330

Required (Major)
Dec 2015
I wish I knew the stuff I wrote for you guys below before I signed up for this class. Since this is a first rating/review of Irene, I'll be as informative as possible: Take her class if you've an absolute packaging geek and don't mind her sneaking a pop quiz here and there throughout the quarter, all of which count. She's a strict instructor who docks points for being a minute late or leaving a minute early. If you miss a lab, she docks 1/4th of the overall attendance grade. Worst part, her attendance policy wasn't listed in her syllabus. She's someone who has no feelings and doesn't care about your learning. She takes her job very seriously. She's there to teach at the minute she's suppose to and leave the minute class ends like it's a 9-5 job for her. Good luck getting help from her outside of class. IT 330 has a term long packaging assignment for which you'll have to use Artios CAD throughout the quarter. She went over it only once! So good luck teaching yourself that program all by yourself. Her expectations are pretty much unknown and there's no way you can figure it out by asking her, especially since English isn't her first language. The only way you know, is when your grade comes in. Which by the way, are final! She doesn't review grades at all! PS: IT 330 with Saha/Carbonell is not curved. Average in Class was B-.

Required (Major)
Jan 2016
She is very nice and wants you to do well. If you ask her for help with anything she will gladly help you.

GEOL 458

Nov 2016
Prof cried today.... What a weirdo hahahah get a grip of your life.