Andrews, Amelia  

Political Science


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POLS 112

General Ed
Mar 2016
This was a weird class. It was rather disorganized, and the first half was hour long lectures in the 2 hour time span (we were let out early) just hearing someone talk about Politics, then the second half of the quarter was hearing someone just talk about politics really fast because we were pretty behind. People in this class didn't know that the US has a 3 branch government, which is embarrassing. It basically is government 101, and probably covers what you learned in 8th grade. The exams were all copied from quizlets freely available on line, so everyone did really well. All in all I feel like I learned nothing, got an easy A, and had an OK time. Professor Andrews is a great person, but man was the class disorganized. I'd much rather sit down and talk politics with her than take another class. But hey, I'll also take the free 4.0.

POLS 180

Required (Major)
Dec 2015
Dr. Andrews is an AWESOME person and her class was relatively easy to pass. Her quizzes/tests are all online and you can work in groups and use resources. This was her first quarter teaching at Cal Poly and she over whelmed her students with her assignments but was super understanding and willing to extend deadlines when it was clear that students were confused or could not find the time to finish the assignment. Lectures are interesting if this is the field that you're interested in but you really don't need to pay attention to them in order to pass the quizzes/tests. She also gives study guides for the midterms/finals. Overall an easy A.

POLS 350

Mar 2018
I think we probably need to give Dr. Andrews a pass, because she had a rough quarter in her personal life, but there were days where she was all over the place. It was very theory intensive, and she would only lecture for the full two hours without giving any breaks. I think she cares a lot, and she's obviously brilliant, so I think without the distractions, the class would have made more sense, but it was rough. There is a group project at the end, and your group is assigned, and it's worth 70% of your grade, so definitely be proactive about doing the work. Overall, okay class, but definitely not straightforward or clearly presented.

GRC 779

Graduate Student
Required (Support)
Nov 2016
What else is there to say? Fine person, nothing interesting. Class was meh... Blah, blah, blah... Fine person.