Arredondo, Rodrigo Manjarin  

Animal Science


6 evaluations

PE 147

5th Year Senior
Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Taking this instructor is like being in a Twilight Zone episode. You just can

ASCI 220

Required (Major)
Dec 2015
Rodrigo is a cool dude and definitely knows his shit. He is 100% too qualified to be teaching this lab from another professor's notes. That being said, he did not teach this course well. Our lab was designed by the lecture professor (Dr. Edwards) so Rodrigo had little to no input on what we learned and only knew the material the week before he had to teach us. He was pretty decent the first half of the quarter and then got fed up with us all in class and our questions. He repeatedly said "it's not rocket science", "you shouldn't be struggling with this", "this is ridiculous, just learn it", which (shockingly) did not make help us learn at all! His teaching assistant was a gift from God and helped us all and held his own office hours that saved many of us. Overall easy lab (100% just for showing up and then the lab practical counts for 1/9 of your lab grade and 2.5% of the grade for the class).

Required (Major)
Feb 2016
Doesn't teach any of the material clearly. Doesn't answer any question that the students ask. Very disorganized and condescending. Worst lab I have ever taken at Cal Poly. Take any other lab teach besides him!!!!! Also, he has a very strong accent and is hard to understand.

Required (Major)
Mar 2016
He is a cool and funny guy but you honestly cannot understand a single word he says and he does not not how to explain anything. He will teach something and then tell you that you're wrong when you try and solve it. The class was very disorganized and he was very unprepared and very unclear about what he expected from us.

ASCI 229

Required (Major)
Feb 2017
Manjarin has so far been awesome to take anatomy with. He clearly put a lot of time into his poly learn. He has a very detailed schedule of how each class will go, but that doesn't mean that he wont change thing around when needed. Also, he gives a TON of extra credit opportunity which is very helpful because anatomy isn't the easiest subject. I am a little unsure of what to expect for the final, but I feel like he will clarify what he is looking for us to know based on how the class has gone so far.

ASCI 363

Required (Major)
Apr 2016
PROS: HOT! I mean he is some serious eye candy that will leave you clueless and speechless with his speedy luring accent. Sure you will learn the occasional term or definition in class but hey my heart got a workout from just talking to him face to face. CONS: Skinny Jeans and minion obsession is real Cameras in office so don't try to make a move...because he is mine