Francoisse, Jean-Jacques  

Modern Languages and Literatures


2 evaluations

FR 203

Jun 2015
Francoisse is probably the sweetest professor you'll have. He legitimately cares about his students and tries to make the class as manageable as possible, while still teaching the language. He also is pretty good at recognizing when people are bored out of their minds and moving on to a different topic. He'll do lots and lots of review days in order to make sure everyone is prepared for exams, and isn't against working with other people's schedules. Overall, he tries to make French as approachable as possible and recognizes the difficulties in the language. Don't be afraid to ask lots and lots of questions because he honestly loves answering them, and gets attached to all of his students. You should never find yourself struggling too badly, as he will do his best to grade fairly and help everyone that needs it. So if you see a class with Francoisse come up... That's the French teacher you want.

HUM 633

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Prof cried today.... What a weirdo hahahah get a grip of your life.