Derbidge, Nephi  

Civil and Environmental Engineering


3 evaluations

CE 259

Required (Major)
May 2015
Professor Derbidge is pretty awesome. If anything he over-explained things, which I'd much rather have than not knowing what's going on the whole quarter! Only downside is the quizzes that happen every class for the first few weeks. They're on the book, though, and I understand why he does it, because the info in the book is actually really important for the most part. He's just all around a nice guy and a fair grader. I've really enjoyed being in his lab this quarter.

CE 382

Required (Major)
Feb 2018
Really great lecturer and person. Good at explaining but a decently difficult grader in terms of formatting.

VGSC 693

Graduate Student
Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Fine teacher, but a little dry in the presentation. I wouldnt suggest having her at 8:00 in the morning, might be difficult staying awake.