Altermatt, Joy  

Dairy Science


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AGED 105

Nov 2016
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DSCI 330

5th Year Senior
Required (Support)
Feb 2014
I really enjoyed this course. Her lectures contain PowerPoint (posted on PL) and some discussions. The labs were very hands-on. Also, great opportunities to work closer with dairy cattle including deep understanding on reproduction by participating in activities in lab. Only three tests, some quizzes in lab, and some worksheets. Not hard if you do the study! Overall, Altermatt is very friendly and knowledgeable, I would take her!

Required (Support)
Dec 2018
Dr. Joy is one of the best professors I’ve taken at Poly. She is understanding, knowledgeable, and approachable. This course was not easy, but between being present in lectures and lab, and making time for office hours, it was doable. 3 exams (fine if you study), some worksheets, one out of class activity, and labs. It’s a high point class, and just showing up gets you quite far.

DSCI 422

Required (Major)
Sep 2014
Joy's class was ridiculously difficult to keep up in. She assumes you already have an advanced knowledge of the dairy reproductive system and is difficult to follow during lectures. Maybe it was because she was pregnant and stressed but she was always very unorganized and exams were not well written or related to her lectures and lab activities. Take it with someone else if you can!