Ghent, Christine  

Materials Engineering


3 evaluations

MATE 215

Required (Support)
Dec 2013
The MATE 215 lab is all done individually, just a daily quiz and some guidance from the lab instructor. Professor Ghent was very knowledgeable on all the equipment we used, being a MATE tech for a while. She was really nice and helpful, always looking if she could help. Plus, she looks like Jennifer Aniston, like the current one, not the on from Friends.

Required (Support)
Feb 2017
Take Ghent for Mate 215! You get weekly quizzes so make sure you do the reading (it's not that much), but there's no other homework. She's very helpful in lab and it's a very low-stress environment--follow instructions well and you'll get an A!

ARCH 269

General Ed
Nov 2016
Fine teacher, but a little dry in the presentation. I wouldnt suggest having her at 8:00 in the morning, might be difficult staying awake.