Bernard, Thomas  

Theater and Dance


6 evaluations

TH 225

Required (Major)
Jun 2018
If you wanna this class you have no choice but to take it with this “professor”. So don’t take this class. That is unless you want to have a sexist, rude, condescending toddler for a teacher. He is the most subjective grader in history. I learned nothing in this class other than how to keep my head down and work.

TH 250

Required (Major)
Jan 2015
Very friendly. This class is ALL hands-on and he is always providing help. It is nearly impossible to not get an A in this class.

TH 270

Required (Major)
Dec 2012
When Tom gives feedback (after you force it out of him) it is normally very helpful. However, he is a very inconsistent grader. If two people do the exact same thing wrong, he will mark one student down ONE point for it and mark the other student down TEN points. And this is for something that he didn't say was required of our work. He is very good at what he does and has high expectations, such as perfect "craftsmanship." So good luck, but do enjoy the class!

TH 295

Required (Major)
May 2018
Prof. Bernard is odd. He urges students to be creative, yet grades poorly on students that actually take risks. Not to mention the fact that he is sexist and biased in his grading. He also does a poor job of separating his home life from his teaching. When he has had a bad day, you can tell. He is much angrier and his temper is short. He snaps at students as well.

POLS 341

General Ed
Nov 2016
Missed the first day, went to the second day. Went to the midterm. Went to the Final. Three days of class total. I got a B, easy. This kind of shit gives our school a bad name.

TH 432

Required (Major)
Apr 2013
Tom is great when it comes to identifying individual student problems and working with you to overcome the problems. However, he does not have a consistent grading rubric and his expectations are often unclear. The final project is a huge amount of work and you have to plan ahead to do well. Overall, he genuinely cares about the success of his students but be prepared to meet with him outside of class to do well.