Costello, Enrica  

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ART 182

Dec 2012
When I raised my hand in class she said "See me in my office hours" When seeing her in office hours she said "You should have raised your hand in class." I had a simple question that would have taken two minutes to answer (it took her five minutes to cover in class). Her office is right across the hall from the computer lab she taught in. Once I went from the computer lab to her office during office hours and asked "Professor, can you come look at my computer lab screen? I'm stuck on one of the steps." She said "No I can't leave my office, I'm here to help students." When I came to ask a short, simple question during her office hours she said "When you are working in the lab I can come over and see what the problem is." Basically, Costello doesn't teach. She goes through things at a rapid-fire pace in class but if you have a question she won't even try to answer it or even hear what the question is. I had fellow students tell me that they can't believe how horribly she treats students who ask questions. She doesn't teach, she dictates. She only likes students who don't need to be why is she a professor?

Required (Major)
Jan 2014
Enrica tries really hard to be a good teacher. She records the lectures, which helped incredibly. The only problem about her recording the lectures was that she went over material extremely fast so she could keep her recording under a certain time so she could upload it to vimeo. Keep up with the journal. It will save your grade. If you need help, GO TO OFFICE HOURS. She wants to know that you care about her class. Show her that you put effort into her class and you will easily get an A.

ART 183

Required (Major)
May 2016
Enrica is the worst professor I have had at Poly by far. She only values the opinions and questions of students that have little effort with the material, meaning that she simply won't teach the people that need to be taught. She is extremely full of herself, often scolding the class for her mistakes as a teacher, saying that it is our job to speak up and tell her. However, whenever someone would point these things out or ask a question they were often told to see her during office hours, after class, or to just ask the question next class. Her behavior as a professor is completely inexcusable, because she is unwilling to do her job!

GRC 258

Graduate Student
Required (Support)
Nov 2016
What the guy/gal below said. Amen. I too took this class and have long since graduated from Poly, but I was cruising Poly Ratings for a kick and thought that I should pipe in and let you know how much of a joke this prof is.