George, Jaime  

Biological Sciences


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BIO 263

Jun 2011
I liked Jaime even though she was a very difficult grader (basically impossible to get a good grade). She was very helpful and understanding. However, as I mentioned above, you should not expect to get full credit, or even close to full credit on the labs. Perhaps it would help to go in and talk to her. I would suggest utilizing the entire three hours of lab for lab writeups and research so that you don't have to meet with your group outside of class. Hopefully you get a good group; they are assigned and changed halfway through the quarter. Study everything for the lab exam, including the website activity that accompanies the Avila fieldtrip. Also, be prepared to do a results and methods writeup on the lab final!

GER 844

Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Business majors: A degree for the intellectually impaired, HA HA.