Bustamante, Cesar  

Landscape Architecture


4 evaluations

LA 170

Required (Major)
Jan 2012
Cesar is one tough mf. But I say this in a good, no, GREAT way. His background is in Architecture so he teaches like an architect; sometimes vague, emphasis on design and with an understanding of how spaces work. If I didn't know a designer, landscape architect or architect before taking his class, I do now. He will work you HARD and I mean, you WILL be up all night doing things you think are pointless- but when you see the final result, when you see your work compared to say, that of Omar's students work, you will understand that 170 is a design course not a drawing/how-to-color course. As it is, landscape architecture is 20 years behind architecture in terms of presentation and design. All Cesar wants you to do is realize that and change the way you think about space. I highly recommend taking any of his classes as everything else will be a breeze after.

Required (Major)
Mar 2016
Very, very fair teacher. Many times was understanding to my class and allowed extensions since we were having difficulties with PS or other programs taught in the class. If you do the work to the best of your abilities, there is no doubt you will receive a good grade. A lot of project work is done in this class so be prepared to work with others and explain to Cesar if someone is catching up the slack.

LA 204

Required (Major)
May 2011
Where to begin? I thought Cesar would be an excellent teacher after seeing his presentation on innovative mapping studies. I thought, wow a teacher who is looking to do something different and make it look great too. Well, expect to be completely at a loss when it comes to motivation, there is an expected enthusiasm that just isn't sparked. Assignments are exceptionally vague and force you to fit the pieces together into something possibly coherent. Expect hearing, "don't think, just do" and then have to formulate some bullshit reason why your project rocks although it makes no sense. Expect sitting on your thumbs until the last minute when everything is due the next week and you've just completed coming up with a concept as a class. Expect to get thoroughly confused after hoping to gain some clarification from a desk crit. Know that you will have to propose sexy things that would never be built. Get ready to change your idea last minute because it doesn't work how he expects it too. Expect to be able to prove why your design is what it is (i.e. Did you ask 50 people if they would use the space for its intended purpose?) Throw reality out the window, sit back and get ready for a load of crap. Completely WORTHLESS!!! One redeeming aspect of Cesar is that he enjoys crash course introductions to different computer programs, so you should have some presentations that looks cool, but still make little sense.

BRAE 510

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Missed the first day, went to the second day. Went to the midterm. Went to the Final. Three days of class total. I got a B, easy. This kind of shit gives our school a bad name.