Douglas, Michael  



3 evaluations

JOUR 285

Required (Major)
Jan 2011
Douglas is a new professor at Cal Poly. He is completely irrational and cannot keep a solid syllabus. Every week he had to print out a new copy of the syllabus because he was always changing things. You never know when anything is due and you show up to class and he says that something is due and the whole class didn't bring the assignment so he docks everyone. He was the absolute worst professor I have ever had at Cal Poly and I am avoiding him at all costs. The quarter was hell because it was completely unorganized, he didn't show us how to do any of the projects, and did not grade any of our work the whole quarter until we finally get our grade for the class. This is absolutely ridiculous and is not fair for the students to have to endure.

JOUR 303

Required (Major)
Mar 2011
You will be expected to work your ass off, and never get a grade...until the Tuesday during break when grades are due. There are 6 projects, countless bullshit assignments, a midterm, and a final. He does not teach anything. He doesn't know how many seconds are in a minute. He is the laziest, most unqualified teacher I have ever had in my entire life. He should be fired. Again, I didn't know my grade until the day grades were due. This class was the biggest waste of time...DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. DO NOT HAVE DOUGLAS AS A "PROFESSOR." All his classes have the same syllabus.

ENVE 656

General Ed
Nov 2016
he sure does like his women, wet!!