Dolan, Sterling  

Electrical Engineering


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EE 255

Jun 2010
I have had many great professors and a few bad professors in my four plus years at CalPoly. This man is not the worst I\'ve had, but he is definitely in the bottom 2 or 3. He lectures from his chair with power point/word files that make no sense. He writes nothing on the board unless people complain that he is going to fast. He answers questions sometimes, usually with an obligatory tone. His tests are okay, but no one seems to do that well on the tests or quizzes. He doesn\'t help in office hours, and complains that no one goes to his class. I highly discourage taking this professor for any class. Take Perks or Chinician if you want to learn something about Electrical Engineering. I received a C in the class, and I feel that I deserved the C. However, given a professor that could actually get off his/her chair and excite students about whatever subject was being taught, I might have tried a little harder.

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Nov 2016

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Mar 2011
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INS needs to deport this [guy] back to canadia