giardina, charles  

Electrical Engineering


3 evaluations

CPE 129

Required (Major)
Feb 2010
He does not present the material clearly at all, he stutters excessively, and he definitely does not prepare you for the lab. He did not even teach us VHDL, which is one of the main objectives of the class, and made completing labs very difficult. You will have to learn a lot on your own. Take good notes and draw every little picture he does because his quizzes and exams come straight from there.

EE 201

Required (Major)
Nov 2008
my first reaction to giardina was oh sh**, this guy could be friends with my grandpa. but don't let his age fool you, he's a bad a** and was part of the development teams of the the tomahawk missile and the trident ballistic systems. most 201 classes the hardest math you need to do is basic algebra. anything harder and they let you do it on your calculator. what scares people about giardina is that he does not let you use calculators and expects you to remember every math class you've ever taken. at first everyone was upset but he offers optional study sessions if you don't remember how to solve DEs or other various topics. personally just going to lecture was enough for me and in fact i learned more about Differential Equations, matrix manipulation, differential matrices than i did in any of my math classes dedicated to those topics. he presents everything in clear manner so you know exactly what's going on and what he expects you to know. in class when he's finished an example he'll just say redo this problem using, then list some changes to it, and that will be your hw. he doesn't collect the hw either. he gives multiple quizzes which are pretty much the same as his examples, some even easier. the midterm was just like the quizzes. he only counts 10 quizzes for the whole grade and if you do better on the midterm than 2 of the quizzes he'll replace those two quizzes with the midterm score(ex:you got a 5/10 and a 7/10 on two quizzes and a 86/100 he'll make the two quizzes 8.6/10 then round up to 9/10) he does the same with the final excepts it's worth 3 quizzes. he only counts the 10 top quiz scores you got towards your grade and drops anything else. overall he goes over harder material but makes it easy to understand and has an easy grading scheme. you can get an easy A as long as you go to class and take notes

RELS 972

Graduate Student
Required (Support)
Nov 2016
I learned that if I were to take up hunting, I should shoot deer, not bears, because a bear will hunt me back if I successfully wound it. Fascinating! I didnt know that the key to production and operations management was so brutally simple!