Cummings, Russ  

Aerospace Engineering


5 evaluations

AERO 215

Required (Support)
Dec 1999
Prof. Cummings is a great guy who teaches an easy, yet time-consuming, class. We had 4-5 quizzes in the first half of the quarter, and a big-time full quarter group project. He was helpfull during office hours, but don't expect him to show you everything. He grades quizzes fairly and expects a lot from the final project. You'll definitely need to buy the textbook and prof. lab book for this course.

AERO 306

Required (Major)
Nov 2002
I took this course a few years ago but I noticed that Dr. Cummings has a perfect rating... I like Dr. Cummings but there's no way he should get a higher evaluation average than Jordi...

ENGL 347

Required (Major)
Apr 2018
Honestly, Rummell was a snooty fake bitch.

AERO 521

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Dec 2003
Dr. Cummings is an excellent teacher (even though the class was taught via distance learning). It is unfortunate that Dr. K caused Dr. Cummings to depart as the prior should be the one to leave.

BRAE 709

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.